Sauteed Spinach with Crispy Chicken Skin

Happy Tuesday everyone! I haven’t been posting quite as often as I’d like lately, but it always seems like there aren’t enough minutes in the day. Not to mention a certain little guy who won’t give me even five minutes to cook in peace. Every time I turn around he’s either pulling up on me, getting stuck pulling up somewhere else, or falling over. While I hate the idea of confining our sweet guy in a playpen, it can get a little stressful.


As a result, I’ve been all about easier meals lately so I don’t have to spend as much time being distracted by a baby who needs rescuing. Which leads me to…rotisserie chicken!  These little beauties are one of the tastiest and easiest paths to dinner, plus they provide so many options. You can start with the tasty fresh chicken one night and then turn the leftover dark meat into chicken salad. Or, go fancy with 30-minute coq au vin. And of course when all the chicken is gone, be sure to save the bones in your freezer with vegetable scraps for an easy crock pot chicken broth.

One thing I normally throw away though is the chicken skin. Unless you eat the chicken right away, the skin can be a bit floppy, which isn’t really of interest. But this past week we got a bacon pepper chicken and I thought it was sort of a shame to waste this tasty skin. In Jewish cooking they call it gribenes- crispy bits of chicken skin, preferably fried in fat from the chicken itself. Think of it as chicken bacon!


I cut up all the skin from the chicken into bits and added about a tablespoon of fat to our cast iron pan. About five minutes later I had gloriously crispy chicken. I transferred the skin to a paper towel and while the pan was still hot and greasy, sauteed some spinach with salt and pepper until it was just wilted. Top with your gribenes and you have one easy and delicious dish.


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