Sourdough French Toast Topped with Cottage Cheese and Marmalade

When I wrote my last post about lazy sourdough, what I didn’t confess was that in almost a year we had never tried making an ACTUAL loaf of sourdough bread. Once I posted about our experience on the internet, I felt sort of ashamed, so we tried this recipe on Sunday. It turns out the promise of easy sourdough was correct, and we’ll be making this one again. The next thing I want to try is setting the dough out to rise before bed so it’s ready to bake when we wake up. I’ll update on the success of that idea later!

After we had our fresh sourdough bread with soup, I got sort of curious…what about sourdough french toast?! The recipe we picked used coconut milk along with the standard eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla. I particularly liked this because every so often we have a half can of coconut milk laying around that I just don’t know what to do with.

img_20170221_082859The funny thing about me and french toast is that I’m not a big syrup person. And since we’ve started buying cottage cheese for the baby to try, I thought, why not try a topping of cottage cheese and marmalade? The french toast was great, but I really enjoyed this reinvention. It almost reminded me of a breakfast crostini.

Anyway, even if you’re not going to run out and make/buy some sourdough for this recipe, I do recommend this idea with any old french toast. Let me know what you think!


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