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Capsule Closet Days 29 & 30

Y’all. It’s really hard to take a selfie with a baby! But I figured I had to close out day 30 with a bang so I did it anyway. I have to admit I will be glad to be done with taking a picture every day. However, this challenge also made me attempt some semblance of being put together every day by the time my poor husband came home, so woohoo for that!


In other news, yesterday was a fun day because we celebrated Valentine’s Day two days early at the Saint Arnold’s beer and cheese tasting. It was nice go out baby-free and be silly for a few hours (thanks Dan and Lisa!!). And side note, if you live in Houston, their weekday lunch and Friday trivia nights are worth a trip.

Day 29


DAY 30!!


Now that I don’t have daily photos to share, I’ll probably just post once or twice a week. Catch you in a few days =)


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