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Capsule Closet Days 27 & 28

Today my mom went back home, and it’s such a bummer! As much as I love a lot about my life here in Houston, not being able to see my family regularly is just difficult.

Yesterday we went to The Menil, and there happened to be a large portion of art on display by René Magritte. Mom and I were both familiar with the classic bowler hat painting, but there were many others that were new and interesting to us.

treeI didn’t expect Ollie to get much from the experience of visiting an art museum but he was actually smiling and cooing at some of the art. He especially liked a piece about the Vietnam protests that had a mirror in it, but no surprise there!

After we get through these last few days of my 30 day challenge I plan to put together my “lazy mom’s” approach to sourdough in case anyone else is curious. My husband uses our sourdough to make pancakes or waffles every weekend, which I think will be a nice family tradition as Oliver gets bigger.

Day 27


Day 28



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