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Capsule Closet Days 25 & 26

Well, it has been a busy couple of days, AND we are closing in on the end of my 30 day challenge. So far my biggest issue with the small range of closet options is still the crazy winter time temperature shifts here in Houston- this past week we have gone from almost 90 degrees to the 60’s. Planning for that is just…really difficult.

zooYesterday my mom and I enjoyed the warm weather and went to the Houston Zoo. I’ve also been experimenting with my new yoga ball chair downstairs for work since she’s been here so I’m not sitting anti-socially in my office upstairs. If you can’t have a stand-up desk, this thing is where it’s at. You almost can’t help bouncing when you sit in a yoga ball chair, and I still feel much less sedentary compared to working on a normal chair. So hooray for roadside finds!

Day 25



Day 26



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