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Capsule Closet: Day 17

Guys, some days being a mom is hard. Like, I want to jump in my car and drive far far away, hard. But then you get lovely moments like these, or your baby gives you the biggest smile when you go to pick them up, and you remember that it’s worth it (or at least mostly). I am hoping that will become more and more clear to me as I get more sleep and Ollie grows.

This wall is behind Gelazzi in the Houston Heights, and you see people there taking photos all.the.time.


In any case, today I wore my pencil skirt and comfy black graphic tee. A little bit monochromatic, but there you go. One thing I am liking as we get more than halfway through this challenge is appreciating how things wear and feel over the course of a day since I am wearing less items more often. Hopefully this mindfulness will be a help as I choose my next round of clothes in March!



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