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Pressure Cooker 10 Bean Soup + Capsule Closet Day 16

Last night was truly a horrible night for sleep, but I was lucky this time to have my lovely in-laws here so I could sleep in a bit. That didn’t change the reality of needing to get dinner on the table tonight so I decided to try pressure cooker ten bean soup. The only hard part of this recipe is remembering to soak the beans eight hours in advance.

soupI picked up ten bean mix from the bulk section at Sprouts, and when it turned out I didn’t quite have 20 ounces, added in some farro to soak as well. This was a nice recipe because when I inevitably had to walk away at baby bedtime and let my husband finish cooking, it wasn’t a ton of work for him. He threw in double carrots and celery, because there’s no such thing as too much of either of those things, and we made brown basmati rice for the bottom of the bowl.

It took me a long time to warm up to the idea of a pressure cooker. We had one sitting in our closet for almost a year (thanks, Dan!) before I took it out and tried pulled pork from a frozen hunk of meat. The only reason I even did that is because my sister got a pressure cooker and made me feel ashamed for being afraid of this awesome contraption! So if you’re similarly afraid of trying this time saver out, don’t be. The electric ones are a lot safer now, and most of the time they provide a pretty low-effort path to a healthy dinner.


Today I wore my green corduroy skirt and a three quarter sleeve navy shirt. For once I actually got it right with this weird thing we call “winter in Houston.”


One thought on “Pressure Cooker 10 Bean Soup + Capsule Closet Day 16

  1. The 10 beans are absolutely critical to the success of this recipe. God help you if you use 9 or try to “cheat your way by” with only 8 beans!

    If you use 11, you’re just a showoff.

    Ten beans.


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