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Baby Mitten Hack + Capsule Closet Day 13

sockI have some serious beef with baby socks. They seem to spend more time off my baby’s feet than on them. But I especially hate the cotton ones that are supposed to do a cute cuff at the ankle. Those socks flop off constantly it seems- in parking lots, in bed, it doesn’t really matter where. You know what they are good for though? Makeshift baby mittens!

Living in Houston means we don’t have much call for cold weather gear, especially for a growing baby. So I have to admit I love this idea, and I’m passing this on in case you’re ever in a bind.

day-13Since I’m a baby about cold now, I wore my nice new cowl necked sweater with skinny jeans and sweater Uggs. Anyone who lives in the Midwest probably thinks mid-50’s doesn’t warrant boots, but I only have so many opportunities!

And now, because I can’t help myself, here are a few photos from our six month photo shoot. A big shout out to Pretty Little Prints for such beautiful work.





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