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Capsule Closet: Day 8

Today we were back in the car, heading home from Dallas. I’m not sure if everyone feels this way, but staying home with a baby starts to feel very confining. So it was nice to get out of the boring routine for a bit. But on the flip side, the amount of stuff required to comfortably care for a baby outside of your home is unreal. Pack and play, fold up high chair (we love this one; it’s very convenient), blankets, toys, reusable diapers…take that plus a dog and all our luggage, and you have one very full car!

hockeyIn any case, Oliver had a good time at his first professional hockey game, and we also got to hit up White Rock Lake before hitting the road. The paved trail was seriously so nice, and the view wasn’t bad either.

white-rockToday I am re-wearing my pencil skirt with striped tee and gray sweater. I did my classic Houstonite thing for this trip of assuming I didn’t need more than one pair of pants or any socks, so I’ve been a little cold.

Stay tuned this week for a review of the cookbook Soup Club and a delicious soup recipe!


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