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Healthy Flour, Pizza, & Capsule Closet: Day 6

OK guys, let’s talk about flour! I heard from a little bird that recipes are requested (I’m looking at you Emily :), so I decided to start by sharing my journey away from all purpose flour. It’s a weird thing, AP flour has become so common that none of us really think about it anymore. Even the fanciest of chefs pretty much use it across the board, and this just seems so lazy! AP flour has very little nutritional value, it’s mostly GMO-d, there’s really just nothing good to say except that it’s consistent.

We don’t use all purpose flour at all anymore except to feed our sour dough starter. I’ll share why we do this in a future post about “lazy sour dough.” As I cover each flour option I’ve explored recently, I’ll share a few recipes we have really enjoyed.

Einkorn Flour

I heard about Einkorn flour on the KCRW Good Food program last year, and was immediately intrigued. It is produced from the same wheat people have been eating forever, and the final product we buy from Jovial on Amazon is more nutritious. This flour is also lower in gluten than traditional flour so I don’t tend to feel as gross and heavy after eating something baked with it. Einkorn flour is about $3 or more a pound so it isn’t super cheap, but on the bright side most recipes taste about the same when we use it as a replacement. For a good starter recipe, try these morning glory muffins.

Buckwheat Flour

Another flour I have experimented with is buckwheat. Buckwheat flour is gluten free, but after trying a couple of recipes I came to the conclusion that the only thing I like this flour for is overnight fermented pancakes and corn muffins. Good thing we have like…eight pounds in the freezer.

Whole Wheat Flour

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t experimented much with straight whole wheat flour, and the honest answer is I have bad memories of eating heavy whole wheat pizza for cross-country carb dinners in high school. A few months ago though, I picked up a bag of whole graham flour from the store. This flour does NOT work for everything. For example, I tried making a dutch baby pancake, and while it was edible, it wasn’t a recipe I want to repeat again.


One recipe I did try with graham flour recently that I highly recommend is for this great pizza! Click through for the recipe, but I would also like to share what I did differently. Maybe I’m just a terrible pizza cook, but I’ve tried so many recipes that result in a crust that is a less than stellar. We’ve had inconsistent results with this Einkorn pizza. It’s hard to roll thin, and the results are inconsistent for how crisp the final product ends up.

crust The graham pizza however, produces dough that is easy to roll thin, and it bakes up crisp in about 12 minutes. If you’d like to try for yourself, make sure you have a pizza stone or steel. We recently bought a steel because our stone cracked and it’s been working well so far. After you let the dough rise, roll out two thin crusts on foil that has been sprayed with Pam. Preheat the oven at 425 degrees with the stone/steel inside for 20 minutes or so, and put one un-topped crust in to bake. 12 minutes should produce a crispy crust with brown edges, but you may need an extra two minutes depending on your oven and crust thickness.

cooked Peel the crust off the foil, flip the crust over and top with preferred ingredients. We’ve had good luck with figs, blue cheese, and bacon….mmmm. Broil for 4-5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the edges get a little crispy. The flipping step may seem weird, but I do think it helps the crust stay extra crispy. It also allows you to pre-cook everything except for the browned topping if you decide to host a pizza party! If you have any leftovers (not likely if you do fig/bacon/blue cheese), the pizza is even good cold, and it’s not soggy like most day old homemade pizza.

A last note on the graham flour, I’ve also made some of the tastiest biscuits to date using this recipe.

Day Six

captureAnd for my capsule closet update, today I’m wearing a heathery purple t-shirt with a super soft and comfy pencil skirt. The skirt is another new Express purchase and I am seriously in LOVE. Happy Friday everyone, I’ll have a new capsule photo from the Dallas Botanical Gardens to share tomorrow!




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