Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Closet: Day 4

capture OK guys, here’s the truth about being a stay at home mom: sometimes you just like, wear work-out shorts all day and don’t ever get dressed in something decent. Today was one of those days, but I did actually bother in the evening because we had baby music class.

I bought about six new items when items when I started thinking about the capsule idea. This shirt was one I loved from Express. It’s super soft and it is a good length for the Girlfriend leggings I got in November. I’m sorry this is a “basic” girl outfit, but it’s common for a reason I guess.

Confession time, I’m indecisive, so a few items have already been swapped in and out. I took two shirts out and added in these leggings and a favorite blue shirt that look good with almost everything.

Getting ready to pack for a quick weekend trip to now to think about what the right number of items to bring for this project!





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