Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Closet: Day 2

capture Well here we are, day two! Today is a flowy purple shirt that I always forget about in my closet and my patterned gray pants. I bought the pants during my trip to Japan two summers ago so they always make me feel happy. Not sure if the shirt has been abandoned in my closet for so long because it’s not quite right for me or if it was a “too many options” scenario. We’ll see when I re-evaluate my closet for warmer weather in March.

closetOh! I forgot to include a shot of how small my working side of the closet is now. So easy to see my options =)





One thought on “Capsule Closet: Day 2

  1. There is a reason high ranking professionals (ceos , presidents ) have a go-to look rather it be business suites or the same turtle neck and jeans: it’s one less decision in a day full of decisions.
    The fewer options( in turns of wardrobe ) , the better !


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