Capsule Wardrobe

30 days of My Capsule Wardrobe, and a Beginning!

Hello, everyone! Since I became a mom to the wonderful Oliver (aka Ollie Bear) I’ve been meaning to blog about what we get up to over here. I’m still working part time, but I DO occasionally have time on my hands now.

One thing I’ve been thinking about since it’s a new year is my goals for 2017. Some of my girlfriends are getting together to create a vision board this coming week, and deciding what I even want to imagine for myself this year is hard! I’m sort of in a weird place- not really sure when I want to get back to working full time, and right now if I get out of this year with a happy marriage and a healthy baby we will consider that a win.

However, I do have two things I wanted to work on that seemed attainable: my wardrobe and refined sugar consumption. I may cover the latter in more detail later, but the subject of this first post is wardrobe, and more specifically, capsule wardrobes!

I’ve always had a hard time with clothes. Jeans often fit me weird, I don’t like shopping at the mall much, and I tend to go to the thrift shop and buy one more thing that may or may not fit a need in my closet far too often. Particularly now that I’m facing my new-mom body situation (skinnier than before, shifting cup size due to nursing, and need to be able to feed a baby whenever), developing a more thoughtful approach to what I wear seemed to be in order.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has always been intriguing to me. I try very hard to minimize our stuff whenever possible, so a wardrobe made up of 30 or so items I really like makes a lot of sense! But I am also still struggling with throwing away sentimental items, and living in a place like Houston is hard because our seasons don’t stick. So I’m taking a slightly looser approach to the basic theme.

To that end, I’ve gone through my closet and developed a single spot with my go-to wardrobe for the next quarter (give or take). I largely used this post as inspiration. Working out clothes and pj’s don’t count this time, and I’m not counting shoes because I don’t have that many and shoes just aren’t my thing. Here is what I ended up with:

Bottoms: 1 plain skinny jean, red skinny jeans, flared jeans, comfy “fancy” black pants, gray patterned flowy paints, corduroy skirt, black shorts, and gray knit pencil skirt

Tops: Black t-shirt, purple t-shirt, gray flowy tank, purple flowy tank, gray pattern three quarter sleeve shirt, navy fox patterned sweater, red cowl sweater, pink plaid long-ish button-up, white and black polka dot tunic, roses patterned sweatshirt, black and white striped flowy t-shirt, and green zip up sleeveless shirt

Dresses: Leopard three-quarter sleeve dress, gray sweater dress

Overwear: Black and white striped blazer, gray sweater, brown slouchy sweater

Give or take (I probably forgot something that’s in the wash, haha) that’s 26 items. I plan to take a photo every day for the next 30 days and see how different we can work up that group of items. In mid-March I’ll re-evaluate how everything feels and maybe throw out a few things and add in something new.

capture Here is today’s outfit- plaid shirt and pencil skirt. Started with the plaid and corduroy but then I got peed on, welcome to boy-mom life!



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